The bonzer is a surfboard fin set up and bottom contour combination developed by Duncan and Malcolm Campbell. They have spent a life time working on a design concept that is slowly but surely gaining more and more of a following. A bonzer is designed to efficiently organise the water flow as you surf. Each design feature follows seamlessly onto the next, guiding the water through a combination the bottom contours, and carefully considered fin placement. The Campbell brothers see water spray exiting from the side of the board as wasted energy, the extended base length of the side fins direct water toward the rear centre fin, this maximizes the use of the force that is created during turns.
The bonzer side fins are essentially an extension of the concaves and have a base totalling 9-3/4" on each side, and a maximum depth of only 2-3/4". The angle, combined with the shallow depth of the fins, allows the fins to come in and out of the water with little resistance. This makes rail-to-rail transition much easier, which in turn allows you to keep your board on the rail with much less effort. Bonzer surfboards tend to work best in good clean and reasonably powerful surf as there is so much control between your feet you really feel like you can bottom turn and cut back as hard as you like with out feeling like you might skid out, or reach a stall point. If I had to find a word to sum up and describe bonzer surfing, I would use the word 'flow'. This template is a simple full round pin tail, uncomplicated and refined.
This board was made is collaboration with Tim Stafford who specialises in bonzer construction and has had person experience working alongside both Duncan and Malcolm Campbell.