The egg has to be one of my favourite board designs. The egg is a wide mid to short length board, rounded almost equally both in the nose and tail. An egg will fit into the pocket so neatly and snugly and really allow you to follow the wave, with the absence of a long drawn out tail and pointy nose with lots of rocker, linking turns in the critical section of the wave becomes easier and makes more sense. The rocker is reasonably low through out, to make the board quick. Paddling and duck diving is easy, and surfing this simple uncomplicated shape is refreshing. The bottom contours can be tailored for individual needs, flat to v out of the tail, for a fast comfortable ride, or single concave to flat for a more responsive board. The rail shape is medium to full through out, so that volume can be kept distributed evenly though out the whole board, giving the board that magic lively feel.