Glass Tiger Surfboards

Surfboards shaped by Mark Roberts, in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

The search for a better board.


Shaping to me is part of my surfing, its a way of taking something and making it to fit into the wave, and fit into my world.
Wood is such a lovely material to work with, its smell, its patterns and its story.
There are many ways to approach surfboard design and what I do at Glass Tiger is my own unique way of building a surfboard, a technique I have refined over the last 5 years, but with one goal – to build a better surfboard, a surf board that lasts.
Cornwall has been my home for the last 16 years, its a constant inspiration living here, and I have met some of the most kind, interesting and innovative people I could of wished to meet.
The landscape is stunning, and exploring the coast line is a worth while pursuit for quiet waves and a peaceful mind.
I have been lucky enough to work with some great surfers and shapers, who have really stoked my fire and kept my passion and drive on full throttle.
I feel proud of what I do and proud to be apart of a movement that is producing fine surfboards built here in the UK and in my case mostly grown here in the UK too!
I have no end goal with Glass Tiger Surfboards, what I do I'm passionate about and that's it, everything else falls into its place.

Shaper Mark Roberts shaping a surfboard Order